Monday, August 18, 2008

An August Update

So the goblin side track was fun but nothing really came from it. I have a campaign and hak all setup and ready to go but nothing else.

Nothing too exciting happening with Risen Hero. I have been going back to the start and tweaking the areas. It is nice to have the sound and light spheres working as well, surprisingly I had to do only a little adjusting with my guesses being fairly close to correct.

Playing a little bit more with area lighting and bloom in some areas and adding creatures to the creature cache, not quite sure while I ignored these originally should of figured they would eventually be fixed.

Downloaded Wyrin's Foraging system and while I'm tweaking the areas I have been adding a few plants and mushrooms here and there. This is a great system that he put together and I'm trying to place the plants in partially hidden areas so you won't be able see them all by pressing the "z" key, instead you need to do a bit of looking.

Also downloaded Companion and Monster AI by Tony_K and was very impressed while play testing, it adds so much to the game. I no longer feel like I need to babysit my companions to keep them from killing themselves or dropping a fire ball in the center of the party wiping everyone out. The monsters also offer more of a challenge.

And finally pulled my load screens back into the photo editor and went with the sepia setting to clean them up and try to create a darker mood.