Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last kid on the block

Storm of Zehir

Spent most of the first day installing, updating then downloading plugins and what not. Discovered a number of plugins that I didn't even know I had and never used. When loading up the toolset I received two nasty error messages about the non-updated plugins. I decided that since I had no clue when or why I got them that I could probably do with out them.

I won't spend too much time talking about my opinion of the game since I am a month late and a number have already written up their thoughts and the debates on the vault and such. But I can say that I found some parts very interesting and others disappointing.

The biggest short fall for me is the conversations. With the right characters in the party I can pretty much do everything or at least have the option to with the first play through. I find the conversations to be shallow and unbelievable. The interjections could be nice in some areas but being able to have the main conversation with every character is difficult for me. I guess I would prefer some check on the main conversation nodes so that only the party leader could move the conversation forward and the party members could jump in with their skills/race/class/etc to help the party leader. I also miss the cutscene views with the lips flapping and the flamboyant arms waving around. The cohorts are also disappointing with their conversations. I have a dinosaur druid guy who could have been used to introduce a bit more of the land, lore and all that stuff since this is a new location but instead I can tell him to either leave or never mind. All the cohorts have this two line option and offer you very little information about their back story, history of the land or the story in general.

The overland map is fun but a little overwhelming. After a few hours of play I decided to download E.C. Patterson's SoZ Overland Encounter Reducer (BETA). I have been going with the 50% now that I am up to the Sword Coast I think I may drop down to 33%. I do like the idea of the overland map and how it is implemented, the skill checks and movement speeds changes. I see a lot of potential for the community with additions and modifications. Some of the areas off of the world map seemed slightly pointless and very small. Other then bragging points for beating the snot out of a dozen odd monster there isn't much that these areas add to the game. Most of them have no story behind them and have little effect that I have seen on the story in general. Slightly different point but why do all the jungle town's all have the same common room in their inns? I know that it saves time to duplicate an area but that little effort is definitely noticed in game play.

Some changes I have been think about while wandering the overland map are adding more factions to the wandering monsters and linking the random locations to the wandering monsters. Right now the monsters only attack the player's party and the guards walking the roads. I think it would be interesting to add in some food chain and territory battles between the monsters. Giant spiders would probably be just as happy to eat a group of kobolds as a group of adventurers. The random areas could also be linked to the monsters. If the player wipes out a couple of goblin caves there should be a noticeable decrease in the number of goblin encounters on the world map. So as you take out more bases you make the map safer to explore. While an area is still untouched by the player there should be a higher chance for that monster in the perimeter around the base. Those encounters would also protect their territory from wander monster that could be deemed a threat.

So there are some of my thoughts. I am sure that some of this could be done but honestly I haven't even looked at any of this in the toolset or any of the scripts that handle this system. I am just trying to explain why I am wiping out all these random caves and ruins while trying to provide some benefit other then just experience and some loot.

What about Risen Hero?

It will not be using the party conversation and it will remain a single character game, the additional party members will all be companions that are created for the game with hefty conversations. The world map will not be implemented in the current work but there is always the option in future stuff.

I don't have a screen shot but I have been playing with the Tentacled Horror, replacing the wraith with a tinted black/purple yuan-ti guardian. So far I have only done it in the toolset but I like the look and will need to run a in game test at some point. Once that is done I will share the results and screen shots here.

I have been slowly working on the wrapping up the conversations on the third module while trying not to get too much into the area design for the fourth module. For my news years resolution I have decided that I need to get a bit more organized with my modding, I don't want to end up like one of the Lost that appeared in my Halloween module. The week before Christmas I started to gather all my notes, spread sheets, diagrams, multiple word documents and random thoughts I haven't written down and consolidate them together. So far I have a 19 page document that is steadily growing but having everything in one place will definitely help wrap this up. If everything goes as planned play-testing should start in the summer some time, which will be about the two year mark. But there is a lot of work to do before I even get back into the toolset. I need to begin the process of updating all my 2das with SOZ and Kaedrin's PrC pack. At some point I also need to start creating HAK packs, up until now I have been using the override with multiple folders to organize everything to make updating and adding material easier. I also want to look at the death and bleeding system and possibly implement that, but I will need to check the balancing and adding raise dead stuff for the starting characters.

Well there it is my epic post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taunts and Tentacles

Not much of an update as I have been working on conversations and such. The last cutscene for module #3 is about halfway done with the conversation script completed for it.

The Taunt-like feats have also been scripted and add to the spells and feat 2das. Still need testing and what not. There are six feats total each with their own modified icon (tinting, contrast and other tweaks). They all use a will check, many use a combination of taunt skill with another skill then each has unique effects.
The penalties and duration will be based on the taunt skill. With every 5 ranks in taunt the penalties will inflict another -1 and add +1 rounds to the duration.

Lineage Mockery:The ever infuriating insult to heritage, ancestry or anything that the varied races of the FR hold dear.
Taunt skill
Penalties: AC, to Hit, Concentration

Desecrate Corpse: A horrid and vivid description of what will be done to the enemies corpse after the battle trying more to instill fear then enrage the target.
Taunt and Intimidate Skill
Penalties: to Hit, Saving Throws, Skill Checks
Chance to instill fear into the

Sarcastic Spellcasting Mimicry:
The taunter does an amusing imitation of spell casting. The real trick to this taunt is the taunters ability to take the incantation of spells and twist them into horribly insulting or obscene rhyme that the spell caster can't get out of their mind while casting.
Taunt and Listening Skills (need to hear the incantations before you can make fun of them.)
Penalties: Concentration, Spell failure 10+taunt rank%

Belittling Cat-Call:
Useful against both the opposite and same sex, no one likes unwanted suggestive comments from an ugly half-orc (except maybe another ugly half-orc).
Taunt and Spot Skills (Spot used to see the physical attributes and the reaction to the comments)
Penalties: Same as mockery
Makes target switch to melee weapon and charge taunter. Good to pull attackers off of weaker companions or bring archers and spell casters into battle.

Absurd Accusation: This is a bluff and taunt skill and deals more with confusing the target then enraging them. A comic version of this would be the Frenchmen in Monty Python's Holy Grail, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"
Taunt and Bluff Skills
Penalties: AC, Saving Throws, Spell Resistance
Chance to daze the target as they try to figure out what you just accused them of.

Obscene Taunt: This will be a group taunt, with either an AOE around the target or a cone area from the taunter. The words and actions of the taunter are so insulting to most anyone or anything they all attack in a blind rage.
Taunt Skill
Penalties: Same as mockery only a group affect

Below are some screen shots of the tentacled horror from the last post. The exterior area it was shown in for testing just didn't fit the creature.When I finally get SOZ I will likely try the yaun-ti aberration in place of the wraith.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back to Risen Hero

The Community Halloween Campaign is out and getting a lot of good feedback. That was an incredible accomplishment by all involved. I am definitely glad I was able to be a part of it. It was also my first mod release on the vault and a very encouraging experience. I do have to admit that so far I have only made it through about a third of the houses but I'm making some slow progress on the rest.

I am back to work on Risen Hero and the last month has been very productive after the summer slump.

The campaign is now fully compatible with Kaedrin's PrC Pack v1.33. I will have to update with future releases as they come out and yes I am already behind with release v1.34 but it will get done. Fortunately none of my custom content was in conflict so it was fairly easy to combine the 2das. The added classes and feats are a lot of fun. The final release will include this material as well as Tony_K's AI.

The conversations (The most dread part of modding) and most of the larger cutscenes for mod three are completed. Only 2 move larger cutscenes need to be put togther then several small converstions scattered throughout need to be completed.

A new companion will has also been added. Originally he was just going to be a henchman to help out in a battle heavy area, however, as I developed his character he was just too much fun to have only in one area. He is a half-orc barbarian/thug (taking advantage of Kaerdrin's new base class). My plan is that he will be far from a cliche tank. He will be a powerful fighter but will be an expert taunter. He is be that obnoxious guy who as the talent to enrage just about everyone he meets. He is able to throw insults and say it with just the right inflection and sarcasm to set anybody over the edge. While in the party he will have no problem interjecting in a conversation dashing any chance you may have had of talking your way out of the fight. The taunt skill is hard coded so he will receive special ability feats that will have taunt like abilities to use in combat. These will be given to him either when he is in the party at a specific time or encounter or some will be influence based and given during conversations with him. These taunts will increase in ability and have additional effects other than the standard taunt penalties.

I have gotten some great feedback about this on the bioware forums.

Following the tutorial put together by Shagret's A Texture Tutorial, By (Semi)Popular Demand. I have created some visual effects for some of my custom monsters so they aren't just scale and tint jobs.
So far I have created one glow map for a flesh golem. I was trying to give it more of a freshly pieced together corpse with blood and oozing through the stitchings and connections. In addition to the glow map I took the mummy dust and made it a nice dark red and slowed it down to have a nice blood dripping effect.

By having the dripping attached to the hands it gives a nice splatter effect during the attack.

Here is the description from d20srd.org.

Once I started playing with the visual effect editor and gaining more confidence with it I went on to create this next aberration. It has tentacles attached to both it's hands and the spirit eater to it's back. The black cloud on it's body is mainly there to help hide/smooth the added effects but with during attacks and damage some of the tentacles will appear to be floating in mid-air. This creature comes from the converted monsters on enworld.com

This is how my level 5 fighter fared against it.

The third module is about half way complete with the bulk of the remaining work being conversation and starting to script custom taunt abilities (once I decide on what execptly they will all be). It is nice now that I can definately say I am on the down slope and the end is getting closer.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Halloween module has been completed!

It's been turned over to Bouncyrock for them to work their magic and create the neighborhood.

Before I truly return to working on Risen Hero I am playing through The Subtlety of Thay. I just finish replaying chapter 1 and I'm starting the new chapter. I am using Kaedrin's PRC pack with this play through and there is just a crap load of options for character development.

I started the introduction conversation for my third module, it is a companion interjection after a narrow escape. It will be a short conversation but is fairly important one for setting direction and mood. It has turned into a large undertaking in Patience and mapping. There a five possible companions and non are required. Interjections for this conversation will be random, who starts it and their responses will be different depending on influence (positive, neutral and negative) Then other companions will interject their opinions depending on how their relationship is with the initial companion and influence to the player. So what will liking be seen as four maybe five lines of conversation (not including the PC responses) will actually be a huge conversation. But first I must finish my battle with Thay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The All Consuming Halloween Module

So since joining the Community Halloween Project I have done little to nothing with Risen Hero.
I have found some time for a little more play testing over the past week with another page of little updates and changes. It is nice so far nothing game stopping more of little changes, tightening up cutscene or little preference changes that the player most likely won't notice one way or the other. I have two characters working through the first two modules one evil and one good. I want to see exactly where they are before I start populating the third module to maintain balancing.

The Halloween Module is a medium size interior of my basement. No combat or skill use so a player of level 1 or 30 can come in and have the same experience. Playing a lot with the sounds and lighting, Oneofmany's voice set is great for random spooky sounds. The game itself will be more of exploring, small puzzles, a mini scavenger hunt type thing and fun visual stuff with a fair amount of humor thrown in.

I believe that as of last night I have most of it completed. The areas are all put together. Conversations and scripts are written. Now I just need to work on play testing to make sure everything is doing what I intend.

Here is one screen shot of the starting area. Being that it is only one area I want to keep most of it a surprise so you'll have to wait till Halloween to see more.

Community Content:
Cobwebs by Hellcow/Spajk
A Cloud of Bats by Amraphael
Lip Flappers v1.0 by Rogue Dao
RWS Deep Hall Tileset http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2HakpaksOriginal.Detail&id=119651&id=327

Monday, August 18, 2008

An August Update

So the goblin side track was fun but nothing really came from it. I have a campaign and hak all setup and ready to go but nothing else.

Nothing too exciting happening with Risen Hero. I have been going back to the start and tweaking the areas. It is nice to have the sound and light spheres working as well, surprisingly I had to do only a little adjusting with my guesses being fairly close to correct.

Playing a little bit more with area lighting and bloom in some areas and adding creatures to the creature cache, not quite sure while I ignored these originally should of figured they would eventually be fixed.

Downloaded Wyrin's Foraging system and while I'm tweaking the areas I have been adding a few plants and mushrooms here and there. This is a great system that he put together and I'm trying to place the plants in partially hidden areas so you won't be able see them all by pressing the "z" key, instead you need to do a bit of looking.

Also downloaded Companion and Monster AI by Tony_K and was very impressed while play testing, it adds so much to the game. I no longer feel like I need to babysit my companions to keep them from killing themselves or dropping a fire ball in the center of the party wiping everyone out. The monsters also offer more of a challenge.

And finally pulled my load screens back into the photo editor and went with the sepia setting to clean them up and try to create a darker mood.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Something just a little different

The giant boulder toss Hak and override have been released on the vault http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2HakpaksOriginal.Detail&id=359

Now I should of returned to Risen Hero like a good designer but something happened.

Somewhere between searching the vault and reading the bioware forums an idea struck me. I had discovered what the game was missing . . .

It was time for a goblin module.

No more elves, dwarves or those silly half-breeds. It was time for the underdogs to have their day. No longer would they be experience providers just to get your character through those first few levels. No more will the goblins give out 7 experience points instead they will be collecting the experience points.

At character creation there is only one choice for race. Goblin.

Custom color 2da allows for a varied color scheme that matches the above description.
Unfortunately only the skin is tintable and there is only one head and one hair style.

But to make up for the lack of physical alterations there are six goblin gods to choose from. They may not all be from the Forgotten Realms but these are what my internet searches found.

The last bit of changes made gave the goblins more appropriate sound sets, they now grunt, groan and hiss. I was hoping to get into the random name generator so you could be offered a name like "Foul Toe the Rank".

Now I am not really sure what I am going to do with this since I already have little time to work on my main project, Risen Hero.

But the idea that I have floating around is a small noncombat module that is made up of various puzzles. The goblin PC will have to interact with other humoniod and giant races either helping them or getting around them; what chances will a goblin have against a troll? This would be the type of module where you wander around collecting all those bizarre items because you may need them all for different quest and puzzles. Something that is fun with a different challenge (opposed to the usual kill your enemies) and has a bunch of humor thrown in.

But there is the time issues, and this may never come to be.

Monday, July 14, 2008

There be boulders in the air!

Duck and cover!

A whole new element has been added when battling giants. Sure you have a helmet but don't expect it to help too much. Just ignore the ringing in your ears and get ready for the next volley. What is a good adventure without a few concussions and some traumatic brain injuries.

This is also the introduction for the ever popular hill giant. He has returned to the game after being left out from the NWN2 release. He's big and ugly with s huge club and yes he does look vaguely like a half-orc.

Now onto the boulders. . .

First is the hill giant

He lifts

He throws

You find your yourself standing in a pile of rubble

The fire giants animation sucks so he does't have a lot of screen shots. For whatever reason he was never given a casting animation, but 2 out of three giants works for me.

The frost giant doesn't even need to do the overhead hurl, he just holds the boulder at his chest then sends it flying at you.

I sure hope the this guy has a good reflex save . . .

So there it is the Risen Hero boulder throw.

Thanks to:

Tony K for pointing me in the right direction at the start

Dirywick and his post on user defined events on the BouncyRock forum

Little Baron and his Cowtapult! LB's Ballista projectile demonstration

I have a little more testing to do but right now everything seems up to par. Once it is complete I plan on releasing a erf for other builders. It will contain the three scripts: Boulder throw, the giant on spawn and giant user defined events. Three blueprints of the giants with their scripts and variables assigned (yes you get a copy of my outstanding Hill Giant). And spells.2da. It is used for the animation of the projectile. I was unable to find a way to have the boulder fly through the air without referencing a custom boulder spell. The script does work without the 2da, it is used only for the animation CastFakeSpellatLocation.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lost in the Mountains

Well summer is here, and I have been trying to take advantage of the weather to get stuff done outside and enjoy myself. I continue to work on the toolset but not nearly as often.

I have been moving my campaign into a more mountainous region. This is proving to be quite a project working with the camera controls. With the large incline of the terrain at the bottom of the screen will be clipping to blue as I am trying to place objects and such. A little bit of rotation and I find myself inside the mountain side looking through the ground at tree bases. But the over areas are shipping up.

The main idea to this mountain area is the PC and their party are lost trying to find their way I kind of stole the idea from that swamp in IWD II. I have one large main area that makes up the bulk of the mountains. I have taken it and divided it into 9 separate sub areas. Each of the sub areas has two area transitions, one is right and will move the party to the next subarea and the other one is wrong leading to badness. If the player goes the wrong way they have a chance of a random encounter and then will be placed randomly in one the subareas that they have already visited.

To help the player and not make this a total act of frustration trying to navigate the mountain side each sub area will have a conversation. Companions will give hints and PC skills will be used to find the right way. But just to make things fun some of these hints will conflict, this will be the exception though. I have no intention of have the player have to guess which way to go at every turn, that would be tedious and just generally obnoxious.

A river fortress that the player will need to find a way through. Still working on the conversations but I hope to have numerous ways of getting through for multiple skills, classes and alignments. Fighting your way through will hopefully be a last resort.
The banners were made using Cloaks of Faerun (pk2) by Wild Bill

The subareas in the mountain are defined but a slightly different texture on the walkable path. Then boulders, trees and dense grass set up the boarders. The subareas are placed so that they don't line up; so there isn't a linear progression through the area and the area map will not be the cheat sheet to navigate through the mountain.

Beware which path you choose certain death could be waiting for you and your party, or maybe just a bunch of filthy goblins and such.

I couldn't help myself with this one. One wrong turn in the mountains will lead to a wandering monster screen. 6 deactivated encounters are here and one will randomly be activated each time a player finds themselves very lost.

One of the encounters will be hill giants, but don't get your hopes up too much though. I don't have the same talent as other community members and my custom monsters are just tinting and scale jobs. I don't currently have a screen shot but I have used a half-orc made them really tall and gave then very broad shoulders (for throwing boulders).

Giants will be throwing boulders in Risen Hero. Each giant should have three boulders to toss at adventurers. I found the script used in NWN1 and tweaked it quiet a bit. The giants will use a range touch attack and the PC will be given a reflex save to dodge and reduce damage should the giant hit them. The main script is working but I am still working on the User Defined script which will fire the main script.

Bioware forum post


Bouncy Rock Forum Post


I did try to create a custom ranged weapon for giants but due to hard coding you are unable to link new ranged weapons to ammunition and the throwing boulders will show out of ammunition when they were used in battle.

So that is where Risen Hero is at now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back at it, whatever it is?

Well the short break didn't last long, but I did get a chance to play test Dark Avenger Chapter 2. It is an excellent game and a great continuation of the story from chapter 1. Anyone who hasn't played this or the first chapter needs to give it a play through, Wyrin has created a good solid and enjoyable story.

I never got around to playing any of the other games that I wanted to though, Risen Hero started calling to me again. I went from DA to play testing the second module of Risen Hero. Found several big bugs that I was able to quickly squash. Know what is a bad idea, placing a script on the fail to open of a lock door that assigns the PC to open that same door. A few speak triggers that didn't have the speak now turned to true so the NPC would run up to the PC and all the cutscreen cameras showed a bunch of different angles of nothing. But overall things are coming together, a bit more hack and slash then I originally planned but I feel that there is enough substance between the battles and reasons for the battles so they don't dominate the story.

Below is a collect of random screen shots in no real particular order from both module #1 and #2.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little break

Module #2 is now mostly complete and I do believe that Risen Hero has reached the half way point. (Not sure but I may have made this same halfway announcement before but oh well.) The completed module reveals a lot more about your companions personalities and their back stories, though most of the main plot is still unknown to the PC. I was able to wrap up the the side area mentioned in a previous post, the 12 cave area. Several side quest were created; some tried to explain why the area is so large as well has provide some area history and some others are indirectly tied into the main plot and the companion back stories.

I need to do some play testing of the game to make sure that there are no game stopping bugs or other weird stuff before moving on to the next module.

But it is now time for a little break from modding, I will be taking some time to play some of the other games out there. I will be staring with Dark Avenger Chapter 2 then I need to actually complete Asphyxia and Harp & Chrysanthemum. I was able to get about half way through but trying to play and working on Risen Hero just didn't work. I kept forgetting to move overrides in and out of the folder and made a mess out of everything multiple times.

Once I get through the testing of the 2nd module I should have some screen shots to show.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Demo Material on the Vault

I have posted a small demo campaign on the vault. This demo includes the relationship system and feats. I still need to complete the companion conversations with checks when adding or removing members in relationship extremes (hatred and inseparable). There is also the half-fiend as a playable character with racability feats that are given as they level up and the tintable quasit. Several of the half-fiend feats still need some work, one being a blank script and two others still need some more testing, but the half-fiend will now be able to desecrate holy spots. I have an ipoint that if it is is the area of effect it will identify any alters and the script will destroy them then fire off a second script. The second script will be unique to each ipoint so if you go and destroy an alter in a temple of helm all the clerics and paladin will attack you.
I originally had no intention of going and releasing this material separate from the game so there may be issues with reserved lines in the 2das.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dank and Gloomy Underground Ruins

So again I am posting that progress is being made. For the Past, oh... long time, I have been working on caverns and ruins. A while back I made a medium size area for a side quest and following whims and just plain old craziness during the area design I started added cave openings in the cliff walls that surrounded the area. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing or more importantly the consequences of what I was doing. When I was done I realized that I had 12 cave openings in a single side quest area. So several other quest have been added so these are not a bunch of random nothing caves. This area isn't part of the main quest and the story will not be broken if it is missed, though after all the time I've spent here I hope it isn't missed. Decisions made in this area will have some effects that carry into the main plot and some companion story-lines are also developed here. It has also given me the chance to try somethings that I have been thinking of but had nowhere to place them. This story is really being developed as it progresses. It has a main outline of the plot and major points in the story but there is a lot of freedom and room for growth in the story as it goes from point A to point B.

The first several caverns were fairly standard with several having multiple entrances (trying to use up some of the cave openings.). But as design went on the caverns slowly became slightly larger and started to develop darker stories. I am sure some of this had to do with my choice of music while working on the toolset, Nick Cave is slowly becoming one of my favorite modding artist.

Below is a series of screen shots of various areas in these caverns of DOOOOOOM.

Green glowing fog......what could possible go wrong in an area like this?

This is a different set of ruins accessed through, yes one of the 12 caves. I took full advantage of the broken and destroyed furniture to build this area as well as all the skeletal corpses. I tried to give it the look of a plundered mountain stronghold. The dead occupants had made numerous barricade points of piled up broken furniture during their last stand.

Every set of ruins needs a ghost who is willing to talk to you and shed a little insight on the history while maybe even give you a quest or something like that. This is the second ghost to appear in my mod. The other ghost is much taller and skinnier but they both have distorted scales. My ghost also have a single color in varying shades for their tints.

This is a maze that you may encounter, it is made of many single tile rooms with 1 to 4 doors each. Whenever a door is open there is a 25 percent chance for zombies to "pop out" of the floor in the new room and your room, then the door behind you closes. The area disables your companion's on blocked scripts so they don't go around opening doors causing other doors to close and possible spawning in an obsene amount of zombies. My first test of the area went horribly wrong with 4 companions running around opening any door they could find trying to get to zombies.

And finally here are some screen shots of some older areas just to prove that this game isn't going to be all doom and gloom crawling through dank dungeons and stuff.
So here is a nice sunrise at a river crossing.

A small house where a fisherman lives with his wife and cow. The House is situated on top of a hill at a bend in the river. This also shows the retaining wall for their little garden.

The second module of the campaign is getting closer to completion. Two more areas need to be designed and maybe a half dozen plus conversations need to be completed. I believe most of the scripting has been completed with the exception of one cutscene that will end this module. So once this is completed that will mark approximately the halfway point for chapter 1. So that is where it is now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Party Relationships

I have completed the companion relationship system. This will tracks how certain companions feel about each other similar to how the influence system tracks the opinions the companions have for the player. There are seven different levels on a scale -100 to 100. As the relationships change the characters will be given feats to match their relationship level (excluding the starting neutral level.) Bonuses or penalties will be given to attacks/saving throws/skills as the relationships develop. Once the relationships reach a certain level their positive or negative feelings will carry over to the rest of the party members. The effects will only be applied when both companions are in the party together.

-Neutral: nothing
-Friendship:(level 1 positive) +1 to relationship companions
-Unwavering friendship:(level 2 positive) +1 for all party members
-Inseparable: (level 3 positive) +3 for relationship companions, +2 for all party members.
Companions will also not separate from each other and must either both be in the party or out
of the party. Similar to BG1, Dynaheir & Mincs.
-Untrusting:(level 1 negative) -1 to relationship companions
-Dislike: (level 2 negative) -1 to all party members
-Hatred: (level 3 negative) -2 to all party members.
To have both companions in the party an influence check will need to be made. And if both
members are in party random interjections between companions could lead to companion
leaving party or companions trying to kill each other.