Thursday, July 30, 2009

They're All Attacking Me

It has been about two weeks now since I played Rogue and battled an emu so I feel safe saying that the kick has come to an end. Here's hoping I don't stumble upon another vintage game.

On the remodel front I have discovered that I am actually a decent electrician. The wiring is now complete and everything is working like its suppose to. Now I just have to wait for an extra hot and muggy day then I can start insulating the walls.

I have updated to 1.23, was looking forward to some of the script additions especially set base ability. With the update I have had some frustrating behavior from my NPC with custom factions. All module factions behave as if they are hostile regardless of their settings. This is a major problem for me and I assume many others. It is almost as if the game is no longer checking the module factions but from what I could find their is no place for campaign factions nor could I find the a faction 2da to add my customs to. I have a post on the bioware boards as does loudent2 but no no solutions or explanations have been offered so far. I haven't had a lot of time to really go and look into it either.

The past week I have had a bit of dialog explosion when I'm not worried about neutral NPC attacking me in a fit of rage. Finished a number of conversations for some NPC that the PC will interact with, just need to do a little more scripting and check that all the conditions are right.

On area design I have gone and hidden Ree's Homage to Grinning Fool in the game. The player will need to have some decent spot skill to discover it and receive a little reward. So that is it now, no new screen shots unless people want to see crazed NPCs attacking....

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Very little to report on Risen Hero. My nighttime toolset time has been dwindling down. Just too tired after working on the remodel all day to do anything really productive at night. I ended up having to remove all three exterior walls on the dining room,one at a time of course. Now the framing is mostly done and the new windows are in. The past few days I spent wiring the kitchen and dining room and waiting for the plumber, insulation and sheet rock are next.

When I am working on Risen Hero I have been making blueprint. Easier then conversations and area design and they are something that you can usually complete in one sitting. Created all the NPC for the final battle and I been making a bunch of items. One of which is the Lyre of Orpheus

On another note I have found yet another way to waste my time. I have downloaded a classic game that as a kid I played way too much. ROGUE. What other game can you battle Emus as well as dragons. Other then running out of rations and starving to death or being killed by griffins and the Letter U (Ur-Vile), it is it is a great game. Random dungeons, dangerous monsters A-Z (excluding E, how dangerous can a emu be?), a yellow face for an avatar and it even makes a beep when you step on a trap. Well that is it for now, back to building and exploring the Dungeon of Doom.