Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a Saturday Morning

Storm of Zehir is complete.

While it was a fun game it is definitely light on story and interactions but I am not going to repeat my last post. I have moved my party to Indira's Trial and Terror and bumped up their levels and upgraded their gear. My first attempt was just with my level 18 party with out improvements and I quickly proceeded to have my party ripped apart in one horrific moment.

Spent a better part of a day and a couple of pots of coffee while I updated all the 2das for Risen Hero to work with SoZ and Kaedrin's PrC. For the most part I have very few conflicting lines and was able to copy and paste. The placeables and packages where the only two 2das that I had to change the lines. Changed all my on enter scripts to on client enter. Removed all speak triggers that the player would have jumped into on a new area and used on client enter to start the conversations. Updated the handful of placeables that lost their 2da line number to SOZ content and my companion package change scripts.

I will still be forcing certain classes on the companions and not allowing the player to choose how to advance them. In trying to create companions with more personality I want them to be their own character and mostly control their class progression. With influence and how some events are handled within the game additional class options will be opened. I don't know how this choice of mine will be received but I think it is best for what I am trying to create. prehaps I will create a poll to get some feedback.

The death system was surprisingly easy to implement, just a check True/False. I do need to come up with some type of rasie dead item that will make sense with the story.

I have been also been working on load screens changing and editing them in Belowing I have two finalized area. The first may be recognized from an earlier post when I was fooling around with the sepia setting.

This final group of screen shots are from the work in progress Tentacled Horror. The wraith body has been dropped and changed to the yaun-ti guardian tinted dark purple/blue. It has gained a more fluid movement with the yaun-ti and no longer does the big spin in circle attack that the wraith would use.

Slithering through the door way.

This is how most of the test go with my would be adventurer being ripped apart.

I have also been working on my design document in attempts to get just a bit more organized.

At 80 pages I have only three more areas to write up. What I thought would be an easy task of really just collected and consolidating a bunch of stuff has turned into a rather large project. Between plots, side quest, NPCs area descriptions and a bunch of other things I have cranked out massive document. It's length is a bit exagerated as it has embedded spread sheets and uses at lot of bullet point outlines that eatup space.