Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fog of War and other Updates

Risen Hero has been updated to include the Fog of War, there were a few issues with its original implementation. Not all the correct files were uploaded to the vault. But, everything is up there now.

During  June I am hoping to do the last update on Chapter 1.  This final update will make Risen Hero compatible with the most recent Kaedrin, currently that is 1.41.3. Right now RH is at 1.40. I will also update the oozes and their scripts. I offered my ooze blueprint and scripts to Lance Botelle for his project and he made a number of suggestions that I plan on adding.  Also with this update I am looking to move some content around. Scripts that conflict with kaedrin's unalter content will be moved to a HAK, so they will override his content should a player choose to drop a different version of his content in the override opposed to the one included with the RH download. I will also move the conflicting 2das to the HAK to do the same. Right now that should be all that needs to be done, I have a few other things I want to look at to smooth out and improve play. I just need to be careful, as I have found improving something that already works often breaks two other things.

With this final update I am hoping to get some feedback on the Fog of War system created by Lance Botelle. Risen Hero uses his default active mapping, the area map has to be open to remove the fog and it can not be removed in combat. I have also included the expert mapping feat that will change it from the active to the passive mapping, the fog is removed with the map closed. The feat is available at level 3 and a companion will meet all the conditions for the feat. So, as a player if you do not like the active mapping, you will only need to complete 1 1/2 areas before the feat is available. If you like the mapping you can choose not to get the feat and all is good.

As a player what do you think of the fog? Currently there is very little available content with the fog. I have created a poll that I will use to help make some decisions on the FoW for this final update. Please complete it and provide any comments. Thanks, Shaughn.