Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Testing is Starting

The game has been uploaded and anyone interested in play testing send me a message.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly with no big issues.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damn You Party Conversations

That is how I spent the other day play testing.

I learned a important thing about party conversations and how starting them differs from other conversations. This issue I had was there were four items that would start a conversation when the player when used. The conversation would start but only the first line would appear as a speak string. Before switch to party conversations, one of the items used a nwn1 convo style and worked fine. On the use script I had the user start a convo with themselves. This however doesn't work with party conversations. If a companion used the item the conversation start but that companion wasn't part of the conversation. So I figured ok a player can't start a conversation with themselves with a party conversation, I could live with that. My next solution was to use an ipoint in the area, and since the conversation could be started anywhere in the area I have the script ignore start distance. With this I discovered that start distance and involved distance (I just made that term up) are different. Again the conversation would start but drop out after the first line since the player and companions were too far from the ipoint. At this point it was time to take a break and work on something else. When I returned I had the script destroy an ipoint with a certain tag then create a new ipoint at the users location giving it the same tag as the destroyed one. This worked. The conversation could now be in initiated anywhere and multiple times.

So don't know if my self taught scripting methods caught up with me or if this is an issue that others have run into as well. Regardless I figured I would share and maybe save someone some time.

Other then this play testing is going well, it is taking a little longer then I thought but nothing real earth shattering. My wife will be doing one play through now that I fixed all I can find. Then it will be going out to beta testers. If your interested let me know.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Play Testing

With the first play through done I found 2 major bugs. One was game breaking badness and the other prevented the PC from completing several puzzles to free the necromancer companion.

The 2nd is fixed and the companion will join. Had an issue of a script looking for a blank tag, then a wrong tag and then I had a trigger destroy itself before the other conditions for the script to work would fire.

The final issue is a little bit of a puzzle but I'm sure I'll get it over the next few days. As promised here are several screen shots from testing. The best I am keeping to modify and make load screens.

What is wrong with the below screen?

Several hill giants throwing boulders and the unfortunate companions about to be smashed.

A random cave litter with dead bodies. I used the cave tile set then the dead end placeable to create the stone walls.

Once I get the last bug or bugs (since it was a game breaker and I could go any further) worked out I will be looking for play testers. As a playtester not only will you be the first to play Risen Hero you will also get to submit a blueprint to be added the meditating monastery monks. You will need to wear the default monk robes but the rest is customizable.