Sunday, April 15, 2012

Demons & Beer

Well, that is quite the title isn't it.

-If you found this by a google(or whatever search engine you use) be ready for a NWN2 / dungeon and dragon post.-

So onto topic # 1:


I have started wrapping up the demon shop keepers conversations, they were original mentioned in this post: (it describes their brief history and some of their wares.)

I usually complain about conversations due to their conplexity, but I have been having fun with this group. It has turned into a web of deception and contempt. All the merchant hate each other and have their own schemes, except for the smith. He is a cursed mortal who sold his soul and can't stop swinging his smithing hammer or suffer unimaginable pain.

Originally these merchants were going to have fairly generic merchant conversations, but all that changed oOnce I took into account their back stories and fiendish heritage. One merchant wishes to eat another merchant and steal his wares. While another two, a succubus and a Litilu, scheme against each other and want to involve the PC. Finally the Keeper of Artifacts, a rat like demon, will trade information about the other merchants for specific items. He will present a player with a riddle and they must guess an mundane item to place in his basket. If they give him the right item he will given them some bit of information they can use against the other merchants. This bit of information will  give the player a 10 percent discount at that specific demon's store.

There is also a quest for female characters with greater than 12 charisma. Spell effects and potions can be used to increase the CHA and access this quest. The Keeper will "sell" this information to a female character if they do not find the quest or don't have the charisma to unlock it. At the conclusion of the quest 3 of the merchants will  look to gain the prize.
   -#1: The quest giver who wants the item
   -#2: An enemy of the quest giver that wants to cause distress to the quest giver
   -#3: A third party who will auction the item between the two to gain the most profit.

So demon merchants will not only be trying to take advantage of the PC but also want gain some advantage over each other. None of them will give the PC any information about themselves, but will be more then willing to talk trash about another merchant. That trash talk will all be opinion, some of it will be true while other bits of information will be be lies. Luckily for the PC these demon's are barred from trading for his/her soul.

I have tried to make each demon greedy  power hungry

And now topic #2


After spending the day working in my garden I am reminded of a character I cut from chapter 1, the Brew Master.

-Q: How does gardening remind me of this?
-A: I am working on my hops garden, which I will be using this fall to brew an incredible IPA!.

This NPC was mentioned before and dropped from the monastery, but will be included in a fictional ocean side village  south of Balder's Gate & Candle Keep.  This NPC will discuss the ale brewing process and advocate good, strong, bitter beers; unlike that stuff that is pushed by the mass produced beer companies.

I am not at that area yet in my building process, I can guarantee that chapter 2 will have the brew-master.

In conlusion chapter 2 will include scheming demons and references to delicious beers.