Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking the Challange

On a whim I decided that I would take a deep gnome and try to run through the campaign. I was doing just plot stuff, ignoring all side quest and doing only the minimum to move along. I made it 3/4 of the way through without ever leveling up. I still needed about another 500 xp for level 2. If everything was done at that point a player would normally be closing in on level 7. I will have to recommend that: (1) players try to take advantage of as much as possible to maintain balance. (2) avoid character races with more then +1 level adjustments unless a greater challenge is desired.

Below are the screen shots showing how well that gnome fared. The thing that kept this gnome alive for so long was her insane AC. With kaedrin's ninja class and combat expertise she was up to 26, not bad for a level 1 character with no armor.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why would you do it that way?

Play testing is going well, at this point I think I have made more big errors fixing little things. 1 playtester has made it all the way through and 3 other play testers (my wife being one). Hoping to have at least 2 complete play throughs before release.

There have been 2 game breaking issues. 1 was an ipoint placed in the area of the final battle that somehow wasn't set to plot and the last 2 lines of the end game convo where attached to it. So it an area effect spell destroyed it you can guess how that went. The other game breaking pointt I created fixing something small that I didn't like.

It amazes me all the different ways of approaching something. You rack your brain trying to come up with all of them during creationbut sure enough someone will habe some different idea.

So I am hoping to have a release on Aug 26th. It may get bumped a day or two but it is coming soon.