Friday, March 21, 2008

Party Relationships

I have completed the companion relationship system. This will tracks how certain companions feel about each other similar to how the influence system tracks the opinions the companions have for the player. There are seven different levels on a scale -100 to 100. As the relationships change the characters will be given feats to match their relationship level (excluding the starting neutral level.) Bonuses or penalties will be given to attacks/saving throws/skills as the relationships develop. Once the relationships reach a certain level their positive or negative feelings will carry over to the rest of the party members. The effects will only be applied when both companions are in the party together.

-Neutral: nothing
-Friendship:(level 1 positive) +1 to relationship companions
-Unwavering friendship:(level 2 positive) +1 for all party members
-Inseparable: (level 3 positive) +3 for relationship companions, +2 for all party members.
Companions will also not separate from each other and must either both be in the party or out
of the party. Similar to BG1, Dynaheir & Mincs.
-Untrusting:(level 1 negative) -1 to relationship companions
-Dislike: (level 2 negative) -1 to all party members
-Hatred: (level 3 negative) -2 to all party members.
To have both companions in the party an influence check will need to be made. And if both
members are in party random interjections between companions could lead to companion
leaving party or companions trying to kill each other.

Friday, March 7, 2008


So instead of writing conversations like I should I have been exploring custom content and I have now added another NPC for the PC and their party to battle, quasits. The demons were feeling a little left out since the devils had their imps. At first I was just going to tint either the imp/mephit/homunculus. But all the tint maps just weren't right and didn't allow much variation. So with some help from crystal violet from the bioware custom content forum I was able to create a tint map for the ice mephit. It has three tintable areas: skin, horns and spikes, wings and detail squiggles and stuff.

Quasit Stats Outsider level 2, CR 2, Chaotic Evil, Hitpoints 13 Armor Class 17
Strength 8, Dexterity 17, Constitution 10, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 12, Charisma 10
Feats: Weapon proficiency (creature), weapon finesse, improved initiative, Darkvision
Attack: claw 1 and 2: 1d3 with poison(DC=14 Dex 1d2), Bite 1d4
Imp Skin (immunity to poison, fire Resistance 5/-, regeneration +2)
Damage reduction 5/cold iron
Special Abilities: Cause fear, invisibility

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Half-Fiends **Spoiler Ahead**

I have completed a new subrace for my game, half-fiends and are part of the planestouch racial type. They will be a playable race but not a PC race with custom racial abilities as well as fire and brimstone. The half-celestial was used as a template and I also used d20 web site.

Half fiends :

Ability Adjustments:
Strength +4, Dexterity +4, Constitution +2, Intelligence +4, Charisma +2

Race Abilities:
Darkvision, Damage Reduction 5/magic, Immunity to Poison, Natural Armor +1

Resist (Acid, cold, fire, electricity), Spell Resistance, Smite Good, Wings.

Racial Spell-like Abilities:

level 1 Darkness, Level 3 Bane, Level 5 Inflict Serious Wounds, Level 7 Poison, Level 9 Contagion, Level 11 Mass Inflict Serious Wounds, Level 13 Unholy Aura, Level 15 Horrid Wilting, Level 17 Summon Demon and Level 19 Destruction. (several of the spell-abilities don't quite match with the d20 but not wanting to make a bunch of custom feats I choose some that best match but are far from a perfect match.
Favored Class: Barbarian

Level Adjustment +4

The spell like abilities I have been unable give as the half-fiend advances in level and from posting on the bioware forum I found that racial feats are only applied at character creation.

For the NPC placed in the game I have several different blueprints with the correct feats in place. For the one companion (if the player chooses to take her) she will gain the feats in conversation after she levels up.

Similar to the half-celestial which use the aasimar the half-fiend uses the tiefling as a model. The female half fiend shown above has the fire genasi visual effect for the flaming halo and the erinyes wings. The other half-fiend has smoldering feet and no wings, unfortunately the succubus wings do not line up with the tiefling bodies. The whole wings thing in this game drives me absolutely mad how the wings only line up with a single model most of the time.