Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Section Done

The monastery is complete and I'm one huge step closer to the end.

That area was an extensive area and took way too long to complete. Granted I did do a kitchen and dinning room remodel, make a hide system for the kobold cave and create a small module for the holiday SOZ expansion. There were also numerous other distractions including editing 2das, creating visual effects, load screens and anything else that didn't involve writing conversations. The conversations were the largest task to complete with this area. There are a number of NPCs most offer plot information. Each of the companions have different conversation trees while in this area and I also introduced two more companions. A dwarven cleric and the ever popular power hungry necromancer. I still need to do the final grammar checks and little more editing but the bulk of the work is done.

I have moved onto the final areas, a large fortification and center hall with the end boss. The area design for the exterior is probably about 75% complete, that is just a random guess on my part. This area like every other part of the game has grown in scope. Initially I was going to have a deserter guide you through a secret entrance and after a number of battles you'd reach the boss and then done. However, the more I thought of it the more I didn't like that approach. A group of four people should not be able to take out an army and it only allowed for a limited approach and didn't make full use of the player's character or the companions. So now there will be three paths through the fortification. The party may try to sneak through the fort and create diversions to avoid notice. Failure will be death, once you are discovered the army will swarm and kill you. The second path is bluffing your way through. Trying to convince them that you are mercenaries to join their cause or foreign embassies trying to bribe them not to attack your land. And then the final choice if you don't feel comfortable sneaking and lying you can challenge the army's champions to single combat until you gain an audience with the final boss. The companions you choose will make a big difference with each approach. The half-fiend bard companion will be able to help you bluff while the half-orc taunting barbarian will ruin any chances at bluffing.

Closing in on the heart of the fort.

The placed creatures are currently set to a non-hostile faction while the area is being created, later on they will kill you.

This hill giant is a captive of the army. He is chained outside the slave pen to make sure that no one tries to free or eat the slaves.
The chain is a beam effect that attaches to his back and he is set to immobile and stuck in front of the door.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Update

The holidays are done and it is time to get back to going through Risen Hero. I am hoping to be able to spend a fair amount of time working on this over the next two months. The kitchen/dining room remodel are just about wrapped up so that will open up some more time. Over the past month I have done a complete play through and the first three modules are pretty much bug free and working. Had to go back and do a few modifications to the sneaking system. The player is rewarded for consecutive hides and there is a multiplier added for each hide in a row. I ran into a problem when I used a ranger with his hide skill maxed out. For the last save he got over 500 xp for hiding from some wimpy kobolds. With a cap in place the system is working as intended.

I am working on re-organizing myself for the final few areas that need to be put together and wrapped up. These areas have taken far longer then anywhere else in the game so far. Some of that is due to less time spent in the toolset but the time I have been working on Risen Hero hasn't been very productive. I've been jumping back and forth between different areas, conversations, and scripts. I have started going through the fourth and final module starting at the beginning and working through everything. I need to find what is complete and what still needs work and what is just gone or missing. Hopefully everything will come together fairly quickly so BETA testing can begin.

New and improved monsters
The rescaled and tinted balor has been replaced with an actual minotaur and the war dogs have been changed from hell hounds to oversize dobermans.