Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Halloween module has been completed!

It's been turned over to Bouncyrock for them to work their magic and create the neighborhood.

Before I truly return to working on Risen Hero I am playing through The Subtlety of Thay. I just finish replaying chapter 1 and I'm starting the new chapter. I am using Kaedrin's PRC pack with this play through and there is just a crap load of options for character development.

I started the introduction conversation for my third module, it is a companion interjection after a narrow escape. It will be a short conversation but is fairly important one for setting direction and mood. It has turned into a large undertaking in Patience and mapping. There a five possible companions and non are required. Interjections for this conversation will be random, who starts it and their responses will be different depending on influence (positive, neutral and negative) Then other companions will interject their opinions depending on how their relationship is with the initial companion and influence to the player. So what will liking be seen as four maybe five lines of conversation (not including the PC responses) will actually be a huge conversation. But first I must finish my battle with Thay.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The All Consuming Halloween Module

So since joining the Community Halloween Project I have done little to nothing with Risen Hero.
I have found some time for a little more play testing over the past week with another page of little updates and changes. It is nice so far nothing game stopping more of little changes, tightening up cutscene or little preference changes that the player most likely won't notice one way or the other. I have two characters working through the first two modules one evil and one good. I want to see exactly where they are before I start populating the third module to maintain balancing.

The Halloween Module is a medium size interior of my basement. No combat or skill use so a player of level 1 or 30 can come in and have the same experience. Playing a lot with the sounds and lighting, Oneofmany's voice set is great for random spooky sounds. The game itself will be more of exploring, small puzzles, a mini scavenger hunt type thing and fun visual stuff with a fair amount of humor thrown in.

I believe that as of last night I have most of it completed. The areas are all put together. Conversations and scripts are written. Now I just need to work on play testing to make sure everything is doing what I intend.

Here is one screen shot of the starting area. Being that it is only one area I want to keep most of it a surprise so you'll have to wait till Halloween to see more.

Community Content:
Cobwebs by Hellcow/Spajk
A Cloud of Bats by Amraphael
Lip Flappers v1.0 by Rogue Dao
RWS Deep Hall Tileset http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2HakpaksOriginal.Detail&id=119651&id=327